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Will Adams

The Alexander Cipher

The Alexander Cipher

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Workers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb; and all work crashes to a halt. According to federal law in Egypt; all discoveries must be properly catalogued by archeologists and this tomb has unusual relics and representations; apparently contemporary with Alexander the Great. Daniel Knox's first love is history and archeology; specifically on Alexander the Great. When he pisses off a local mobster on the coast of Egypt; he heads to Alexandria to an archaeology colleague's apartment to hide out for a while. He learns his friend is getting to participate on the dig for this newly discovered tomb. Sneaking in with his friend; Daniel sees signs that the find is far bigger than anyone realizes and might hold clues to finally unravelling one of the world's greatest mysteries: Where is Alexander the Great buried? In his lifetime; Alexander was beloved as a god; and across the Mediterranean; everyone wanted to be close to him. Upon his death; there was a mad scrabbling among his former allies to secure his empire for themselves. Even now; nearly 2500 years later; Alexander is still being fought over. With the discovery of this tomb and the revelation of its relics; the race is on to find Alexander. Rival archeologists; Egyptian officials; and Macedonian nationalists all scurry and scramble; attacking each other along the way as they hunt for a glorious prize--the body of Alexander the Great.


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