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Steven Pinker

The Blank Slate : The Modern Denial Of Human Nature

The Blank Slate : The Modern Denial Of Human Nature

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'A passionate defence of the enduring power of human nature ... both life-affirming and deeply satisfying' Daily Telegraph Recently many people have assumed that we are blank slates shaped by our environment. But this denies the heart of our being: human nature. Violence is not just a product of society; male and female minds are different; the genes we give our children shape them more than our parenting practices. To acknowledge our innate abilities; Pinker shows; is not to condone inequality; but to understand the very foundations of humanity. 'Brilliant ... enjoyable; informative; clear; humane' New Scientist 'If you think the nature-nurture debate has been resolved; you are wrong ... this book is required reading' Literary Review 'An original and vital contribution to science and also a rattling good read' Matt Ridley; Sunday Telegraph 'Startling ... This is a breath of air for a topic that has been politicized for too long' Economist


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