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Steven Conn

Americans Against The City

Americans Against The City

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It is a paradox of American life that we are a highly urbanized nation filled with people deeply ambivalent about urban life. An aversion to urban density and all that it contributes to urban life; and a perception that the city was the place where big government first took root in America fostered what historian Steven Conn terms the anti-urban impulse. In response; anti-urbanists called for the decentralization of the city; and rejected the role of government in American life in favor of a return to the pioneer virtues of independence and self-sufficiency. In this provocative and sweeping book; Conn explores the anti-urban impulse across the 20th century; examining how the ideas born of it have shaped both the places in which Americans live and work; and the anti-government politics so strong today. Beginning in the booming industrial cities of the Progressive era at the turn of the 20th century; where debate surrounding these questions first arose; Conn examines the progression of anti-urban movements. : He describes the decentralist movement of the 1930s; the attempt to revive the American small town in the mid-century; the anti-urban basis of urban renewal in the 1950s and '60s; and the Nixon administration's program of building new towns as a response to the urban crisis; illustrating how; by the middle of the 20th century; anti-urbanism was at the center of the politics of the New Right. Concluding with an exploration of the New Urbanist experiments at the turn of the 21st century; Conn demonstrates the full breadth of the anti-urban impulse; from its inception to the present day. Engagingly written; thoroughly researched; and forcefully argued; Americans Against the City is important reading for anyone who cares not just about the history of our cities; but about their future as well.


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