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Rob Macgregor

Indiana Jones & Dance/giants

Indiana Jones & Dance/giants

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Indiana Jones has landed his first teaching post; in the archaeology department at London University. His brightest—and prettiest—student is a twenty-year-old Scottish girl; Deirdre Campbell; who claims she's uncovered a golden scroll; proof of the true existence of Merlin; sorcerer of myth and legend. Indy's intrigued by the thesis . . . and by Deirdre. So; too; is member of Parliament Adrian Powell. He's seeking to resurrect the ancient order of the Druids; whose secrets of power could pave his way to world conquest. But first he needs the scroll . . . and he's willing to kill to get it. Where there's magic; mystery; and murder; Indy goes to the head of the class. Dropping his books and picking up his bullwhip; he joins Deirdre on an action-packed chase across Britain; from the peril-filled caves of Scotland to the savage dance of the giants at Stonehenge—where Merlin's secret will finally be revealed. But not before Indy gets a lesson in love from Deirdre . . . and a lesson in hate from a maniac who means to rule the world.








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