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Emmy Werner

A Conspiracy Of Decency

A Conspiracy Of Decency

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The people of Denmark managed to save almost their country's entire Jewish population from extinction in a spontaneous act of humanity - one of the most compelling stories of moral courage in the history of World War II. Drawing on many personal accounts; Emmy Werner tells the story of the rescue of the Danish Jews from the vantage-point of living eyewitnesses- the last survivors of an extraordinary conspiracy of decency that triumphed in the midst of the horrors of the Holocaust. A Conspiracy of Decency chronicles the acts of people of good will from several nationalities. Among them were the German Georg F. Duckwitz; who warned the Jews of their impending deportation; the Danes who hid them and ferried them across the Oresund; and the Swedes who gave them asylum. Regardless of their social class; education; and religious and political persuasion; the rescuers all shared one important characteristic: they defined their humanity by their ability to act with great compassion. These people never considered themselves heroes - they simply felt that they were doing the right thing.







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