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Derek B. Miller

Radio Life

Radio Life

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Radio Life: a gripping adventure and a riveting political thriller: The Commonwealth; a post-apocalyptic civilisation on the rise; is locked in a clash of ideas with the Keepers; a fight which threatens to destroy the world . . . again. When Lilly was first Chief Engineer at The Commonwealth; nearly fifty years ago; the Central Archive wasn't yet the greatest repository of knowledge in the known world; protected by scribes copying every piece of found material - books; maps; even scraps of paper - and disseminating them by Archive Runners to hidden off-site locations for safe keeping. Back then; there was no Order of Silence to create and maintain secret routes deep into the sand-covered towers of the Old World or into the northern forests beyond Sea Glass Lake. Back then; the world was still quiet; because Lilly hadn't yet found the Harrington Box. But times change. Recently; the Keepers have started gathering to the east of Yellow Ridge - thousands upon thousands of them - and every one of them determined to burn the Central Archives to the ground; no matter the cost; possessed by an irrational fear that bringing back the ancient knowledge will destroy the world all over again. To prevent that; they will do anything. Fourteen days ago the Keepers chased sixteen-year-old Archive Runner Elimisha into a forbidden Old World Tower and brought the entire thing down on her. Instead of being killed; though; she slipped into an ancient unmapped bomb shelter where she has discovered a cache of food and fresh water; a two-way radio like the one Lilly's been working on for years . . . and something else. Something that calls itself 'the internet' . . .


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