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Jason Reynolds

Ain't Burned All The Bright

Ain't Burned All The Bright

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Prepare yourself for something unlike anything: A smash-up of art and text for teens that viscerally captures what it is to be Black. In America. Right Now. Written by #1 New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Jason Reynolds. Jason Reynolds and his best bud; Jason Griffin had a mind-meld. And they decided to tackle it; in one fell swoop; in about ten sentences; and 300 pages of art; this piece; this contemplation-manifesto-fierce-vulnerable-gorgeous-terrifying-WhatIsWrongWithHumans-hope-filled-hopeful-searing-Eye-Poppingly-Illustrated-tender-heartbreaking-how-The-HECK-did-They-Come-UP-with-This project about oxygen. And all of the symbolism attached to that word; especially NOW. And so for anyone who didn’t really know what it means to not be able to breathe; REALLY breathe; for generations; now you know. And those who already do; you’ll be nodding yep yep; that is exactly how it is.


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