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Glennon Doyle

Get untamed the journal (how to quit pleasing and start living)

Get untamed the journal (how to quit pleasing and start living)

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This stunning hardcover journal is a bold; interactive guide to discovering and creating the truest; most beautiful lives; families and world we can imagine; based on the #1 Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Untamed.

"We must stop asking people for directions to places they've never been. Every life is an unprecedented experiment. We are all pioneers. I created Get Untamed The Journal as an interactive experience in charting our own way - so we can let burn that which is not true and beautiful enough and get started building what is." - Glennon Doyle

With Untamed; Glennon Doyle -writer; activist; and "patron saint of female empowerment" (People) - ignited a movement. Untamed has been described as "a wake-up call" (Tracee Ellis Ross); "an anthem for women today" (Kristen Bell); and a book that "will shake your brain and make your soul scream" (Adele). Glennon now offers a new way of journaling; one that reveals how we can stop striving to meet others' expectations-because when we finally learn that satisfying the world is impossible; we quit pleasing and start living. Whether or not you have read Untamed; this journal leads you to rediscover; and begin to trust; your own inner-voice.

Full of thought-provoking exercises; beloved quotations from Untamed; compelling illustrations; playful and meditative coloring pages; and an original introduction; in Get Untamed The Journal; Glennon guides us through the process of examining the aspects of our lives that can make us feel caged. This revolutionary method for uprooting culturally-constructed ideas shows us how to discover for ourselves what we want to keep and what we'll let burn so that we can build lives by design instead of default.

A one-of-a-kind journal experience; Get Untamed proves Glennon's philosophy that "imagination is not where we go to escape reality; but where we go to remember it."


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