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Simon Ings

Dead Water

Dead Water

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25 May; 1928: Over the frozen seas of the Arctic; an airship falls out the sky. Among the survivors is a young scientist on the verge of a discovery that will redefine physics. 3 October 1996: Through the dusty industrial towns of India's Great Trunk Road; a disgraced and disfigured female detective starts tracking a criminal syndicate whose tentacles spread from forgery to smuggling to piracy. Her life has been ruined; but she will have her revenge. 26 December 2004: On the island of Bali a tsunami washes up a rusting container. Locked within this aluminium tomb; the mummified remains of a shipping magnate missing for 29 years and a hand-written journal of his last days. 13 December 2011: Off the coast of Sri Lanka; a tramp steamer is seized by pirates. The captain has his wife and son aboard; and their survival depends on following the pirates' every demand. But what can they possibly want with his worn-out ship and its cargo of junk? We know what they want. We know the ship was carrying a Dead Water cargo. And we know Dead Water is the key to everything. We could spin a thousand stories from this toxic Cold War secret but there's only one of them that can really make a difference. And this is it.







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