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Sheri S. Tepper

Raising The Stones

Raising The Stones

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A moving; compulsive science fiction novel from one of the best writers in the field When the human settlers arrived on Hobbs Land; the native intelligent species; the Owlbrit; were already almost extinct. Before the last one died; a few years later; the humans had learned a little of their language; their ideas and their religion. It seemed the natural thing for the settlers to maintain the last Owlbrit temple; with the strange statue that was its God. When that God died - disintegrating overnight - it seemed equally natural to start preparing its replacement. Maire Manone came to Hobbs Land to escape the harsh patriarchal religion of Voorstod; but Voorstod hasn't forgotten her - or forgiven her. But the men who arrive on Hobbs Land to find and return Maire to her homeland haven't taken Hobbs Land's God into account ...


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Orion Publishing Group


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