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Johannes Tramper

Modern Biotechnology

Modern Biotechnology

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According to Greek mythology Pandora was sent down to earth upon the orders of Zeus. She was given a mysterious box which she was not allowed to open. However; Pandora was very curious and when she arrived on earth she couldn't help taking a peek inside the box. She saw that it was filled with gifts and calamities and to her astonishment they all escaped and spread throughout humanity; with all the dire consequences thereof. Only hope was left at the bottom. Figuratively speaking; Pandora's box today represents a source of much suffering. Is modern biotechnology just such a Pandora's box; as the anti-biotechnology lobby would have us believe? Or can we selectively release the gifts and turn this new Pandora's box into a Panacea? Modern biotechnology makes use of the recombinant DNA technology to genetically modify microorganisms; plants and animals in order to make them more suitable for all kinds of applications; such as cultivating food crops; baking bread; making wine; antibiotics and hormones; xenotransplantation; and gene- and stem cell therapy. The book also particularly addresses the controversial aspects of these applications.


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