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Kassandra Montag

After The Flood

After The Flood

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Children think we make them; but we don't ... They come into the world and make us. They make us by breaking us first. 'Utterly gripping' Karin Slaughter 'Impossible to put down' Booklist 'Undeniable; brilliantly written' Theodore Wheeler 'Thrilling' Lydia Kang The world is mostly water when Pearl is born. The floods have left America a cluster of small islands with roving trade ships and raiders. Pearl knows little of her father Jacob and elder sister Row; who left her mother Myra when she was pregnant with her. Between them they make do; with Myra fishing and trading to make ends meet; travelling from island to island on Bird; the boat Myra's grandfather made before he died. Whilst their life is a tranquil one; Myra still aches for the daughter she once lost. When a chance encounter reveals that Row might still be alive; Myra packs up six-year-old Pearl and together they begin a dangerous voyage to The Valley; where rumours of violence and breeding ships run rampant. Along the way they encounter death and strangers; finally finding solace on board Sedna - full to the brim with supplies and an able crew - where Myra feels like she might be closer to finding Row than she has ever been. But to get to Row she will have to deceive everyone around her; betraying the trust of those she's come to love; and ask herself if she's willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for what might be nothing at all.


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