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Daniel Quinn Mills

Having It All ... And Making It Work

Having It All ... And Making It Work

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Having It All...and Making It Work is a six-step action plan for resolving the conflicts between work and your personal life--without sacrificing either one. This book is both simple and profound. It provides practical tips; tools; and guidelines to help professionals have a better life and achieve what is really important. Marshall Goldsmith--named in The Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten executive educators. One hour with this book can make a lifetime of difference. The authors offer a practical framework with useful insights on managing the conflicting priorities of work and family. Joel Shulman; Associate Professor; and Robert Weissman Term Chair of Entrepreneurship; Babson College.Work/life balance is one of the most daunting personal challenges that individual managers face today. Mills; Mattu; and Hornby have done an exceptional job in putting together a very readable and practical guide to overcoming that challenge--and turning the frustration of imbalance into the joy of balance. Oren Harari; Ph.D.; author of The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell.This is not just another intimidating book on balancing your life--it is an approachable; realistic look at the age-old question: which comes first; family or career? Its solutions are practical; hopeful; and principled. Dr. Stephen R. Covey; author; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Working 24/7? Delaying your life until it's too late? In Having It All...and Making It Work; author D. Quinn Mills; along with Sasha K. Mattu and Kirstin R. Hornby; share a six-step plan that will help you stay on track with everything that really your career and your personal life. The authors also expose the myths that lead many people to personal disaster: rationalizations like I'll focus on work for 15 years; get rich; and then I'll pay attention to family. Next; they offer step-by-step guidance for moving from where you are to where you want to be. You'll discover a process that can lead you to balance; learn to give up what you don't want badly enough; manage your workplace's culture to give yourself space; involve your loved ones in creating balance; and; finally; learn how to stay in balance--or regain it if you slip off track. No; you can't have everything. But when it comes to what matters most; you can have it all!Life is not a zero-sum game! How to have a fast-track career and a fulfilling personal life.No whining. No politics. Just solutions that work. Realistic; actionable techniques--not worthless talk!Tradeoffs that don't compromise your true passions. Sacrificing what you can live without--and living with the consequences.Reengineering your workplace culture. Finding space for your life in a challenging businessenvironment.Bringing your family into the process. You may be surprised by what they really want.Keeping your balance for the rest of your life. Reassessing; refining; and rebalancing to stay on track.


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