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Marlon James

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

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THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER Escape into a world of magic and danger with THE DARK STAR TRILOGY. Drawing on a rich tradition of African mythology; fantasy and history; this is the story of a lost child; an extraordinary hunter; and a mystery with many answers . . . *Perfect for fans of Pratchett; George R. R. Martin and Octavia Butler* 'The kind of novel I never realized I was missing until I read it. A dangerous; hallucinatory; ancient Africa; which becomes a fantasy world as well-realized as anything Tolkien made' Neil Gaiman ***** Tracker is a hunter. Known throughout the thirteen kingdoms as one who has a nose; he always works alone. But he breaks his own rule when; hired to find a lost child; he finds himself part of a group of hunters; each stranger and more dangerous than the last. As the mismatched gang follow the boy's scent from perfumed citadels to enchanted darklands; Tracker starts to wonder: Who really is this mysterious boy? Why do so many people want to stop him from being found? And; most important of all; who is telling the truth and who is lying? Marlon James weaves a breathtaking tapestry - at once ancient and startlingly modern - exploring the fundamentals of truth; limits of power; excesses of ambition; and our need to understand them all. Chronicling the same events but telling a very different story - who will you believe? Read THE DARK STAR TRILOGY in any order! Book two; MOON WITCH; SPIDER KING; is available to pre-order now. ***** 'Complex; lyrical; moving and furiously gripping . . . This new book will propel James into a new galaxy of literary stardom' Observer 'A game-changing modern fantasy classic' Financial Times 'James has thrown African cultures; mythologies; religions; histories; world-views and topographies into the mighty cauldron of his imagination to create a work of literary magic' New Statesman








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