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Steven Saylor

A Mist Of Prophecies

A Mist Of Prophecies

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In the year 48 B.C.; Rome is in the midst of Civil War. As Pompey and Caesar fight for control of the Republic; Rome becomes a hotbed of intrigue; driven by espionage; greed and betrayals. A beautiful young seeress staggers across the Roman marketplace and dies in the arms of Gordianus the Finder. Possibly mad and claiming no memory of her past; Cassandra— like her Trojan namesake—was reputed to have the gift of prophecy; a gift many in Rome would pay for handsomely...or resort to murder. Obsessed with Cassandra’s mystery; Gordianus investigates her murder. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her life and death; he discovers a web of conspiracy linking many of Rome’s most ruthless and powerful women. Now Gordianus’s pursuit not only endangers his own life; but could change the future of Rome.


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