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Sam Mills



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I am on the run. The police are chasing me because they think I'm a terrorist. The trouble all began when my Dad; who's a bookseller; hid a writer called Omar Shakir in our house. Omar wrote a book you may have heard of but won't have read. It's called The Exploded. It inspired a terrorist attack on London. That's why it's a BANNED book. We live in dangerous times. Lots of books are banned now. Harry Potter. Alex Rider. James Bond. If you're caught reading one; you could go to jail. The state says books and films and computer games have to be nice and happy; so they don't inspire teenagers to commit violent crime or terrorism. I thought they were wrong. I thought; how much harm can a book do? Then I read one. Now I'm about to commit murder. Now I know better. BOOKS ARE DANGEROUS.


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