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Amelie Wen Zhao

Crimson Reign

Crimson Reign

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For fans of Children of Blood and Bone and Six of Crows comes the thrilling conclusion to the Blood Heir trilogy. A princess with a dark secret must ally with a con man to liberate her empire from a reign of terror in this epic fantasy retelling of the Anastasia story. The Red Tigress; Anastacya Mikhailov; has lost the gift she; has lost the gift she was only beginning to realize defined her. Stolen from her during the battle in Bregon; her blood Affinity rests with Sorsha Farrald; a dangerous Affinite who is on the run; headed staright to Cyrilia and to Ana's aunt...the Empress Morganya. Thought she is weakened; Ana's course remains true--yet her return to her homeland reveals a Cyrilia on the brink of collapse. Morganya's tyrannical rule has transformed into a sinister quest for unquestioned authority; and she has set her sights far beyond Cyrilia. Morganya seeks a legendary ancient power; rumored to have once belonged to the Deities themselves. If she can locate it; she can rule the world. What's more; Ana's allies; the insurgent Affinite rebels known as the Redcloaks; no longer support her. For their allegiance is with the people--and there can be no equality with a monarchy. Ana faces enemies at every turn; and every day without her Affinity brings her closer to death. Yet she is determined to liberate her people and vanquish the legacy of her own imperial bloodline--the inequality sewn into the fabric of her land. Her only hope lies in the navy she recruited in Bregon; the courage of her band of friends; and the cunning crime-lord-turned-captain she's fallen for. If Ana loses this fight; it will be her last. And Morganya's reign of darkness with consume the world.


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