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William Napier



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406 AD; and the Roman Empire totters on the edge of the abyss. Already divided into two; the Imperium is looking dangerously vulnerable to her European rivals. The huge barbarian tribes of the Vandals and Visigoths sense that their time is upon them. But; unbeknownst to all these great players; a new power is rising in the East. A strange nation of primitive horse-warriors has been striking terror on border peoples for fifty years. But few realise what is about to happen. For these so called 'Huns' now have a new leader. And his name is Attila - 'the Scourge of God'. Thus begins a saga of warfare; lust and power which brought the whole of the Christian world to its knees; and was only ended in blood on the fields of France. It is a story of two men - Attila the Hun and Aetius the Roman. One who wanted to destroy the world; and one who fought one final battle save it...


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