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Tim Staples

Break Through The Noise

Break Through The Noise

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Here he shows savvy marketers; entrepreneurs; and online celebrity wannabes how they; too; can develop clever videos that amass millions of views. Staples outlines a nine-step approach that anyone can use to launch their product or service without having to invest a fortune. Case studies featured in the book include how Shareability launched ROC Headphones; a multi-million dollar global brand; with a viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise without spending a nickel on traditional advertising; how they used babies to create the most successful social video ever about the Olympic Games; how they propelled a small pet food company from obscurity to an IPO on the power of two viral videos; and how they helped Cricket Wireless become the most shared brand in the wireless space beating telco powerhouses like Verizon; AT&T and Sprint.


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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company


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