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Tom Pollock



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I just wanted to see you. Before the end. A taut psychological thriller about obsession; fame and betrayal; for fans of Black Mirror. Cat is in love. Always the sensible one; she can't believe that she's actually dating; not to mention dating a star. But the fandom can't know. They would eat her alive. And first at the buffet would definitely be her best friend; Evie. Amy uses Heartstream; a social media app that allows others to feel your emotions. She broadcasted every moment of her mother's degenerative illness; and her grief following her death. It's the realest; rawest reality TV imaginable. But on the day of Amy's mother's funeral; Amy finds a strange woman in her kitchen. She's rigged herself and the house with explosives - and she's been waiting to talk to Amy for a long time. Who is she? A crazed fan? What does she want? Amy and Cat are about to discover how far true obsession can go.


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