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Bob Odenkirk

Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama

Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In this “essential” (Entertainment Weekly); “hilarious” (AV Club) memoir; the star of Mr. Show; Breaking Bad; and Better Call Saul opens up about the highs and lows of showbiz; his cult status as a comedy writer; and what it’s like to reinvent himself as an action film ass-kicker at fifty. “I’ve known Bob Odenkirk for more than thirty years; and yet I had to read this book to believe his stunning career arc.”—Conan O’Brien ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF 2022—Entertainment Weekly; USA Today; Parade; The AV Club Bob Odenkirk’s career is inexplicable. And yet he will try like hell to explicate it for you. Charting a “Homeric” decades-long “odyssey” from his origins in the seedy comedy clubs of Chicago to a dramatic career full of award nominations—with a side-trip into the action-man world that is baffling to all who know him—it’s almost like there are many Bob Odenkirks! But there is just one and one is plenty. Bob embraced a life in comedy after a chance meeting with Second City’s legendary Del Close. He somehow made his way to a job as a writer at Saturday Night Live. While surviving that legendary gauntlet by the skin of his gnashing teeth; he stashed away the secrets of comedy writing—eventually employing them in the immortal “Motivational Speaker” sketch for Chris Farley; honing them on The Ben Stiller Show; and perfecting them on Mr. Show with Bob and David. In Hollywood; Bob demonstrated a bullheadedness that would shame Sisyphus himself; and when all hope was lost for the umpteenth time; the phone rang with an offer to appear on Breaking Bad—a show about how boring it is to be a high school chemistry teacher. His embrace of this strange new world of dramatic acting led him to working with Steven Spielberg; Alexander Payne; and Greta Gerwig; and then; in a twist that will confound you; he re-re-invented himself as a bona fide action star. Why? Read this and do your own psychoanalysis—it’s fun! Featuring humorous tangents; never-before-seen photos; wild characters; and Bob’s trademark unflinching drive; Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama is a classic showbiz tale told by a determined idiot.








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